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Gloring AI.

Many connected Glorings tracking health data for their wearers. Gloring is developing an artificial intelligence system to make Gloring a true health assistant.

AI-Powered Health Revolution

Gloring becomes a powerful tool to improve your health, thanks to data from all users.

"Take at least 14,000 steps today to rest well tonight."

"Try going to bed around 22:34 for a satisfying rest."

"Rest up today, you had an intense workout yesterday."

"Today is a perfect day for a great workout. Your body is ready and recharged."

"Your temperature is rising significantly, take a moment to rest."

"Your blood oxygen saturation is lower than usual, consult a doctor."

A game changer

Gloring is an elegant ring that provides accurate health tracking analyses and offers helpful tips for living a more vibrant, happy, and healthy life.

Coming soon!

We are working hard to bring this technology to Gloring users. We anticipate the launch in the second quarter of 2024. Stay tuned!

It's time to wear Gloring

Do you want to add a personal touch?

Experience the pinnacle of personalization with Gloring, the only smart ring in the world that offers bespoke customization.