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Gloring is the first Italian smart ring company

Press release

Gloring is the first Italian smart ring company

It’s official: Gloring has become a fully Italian company. The company has adopted the name Gloring SRL and has its legal and warehouse headquarters in Reggio Emilia. While Gloring products are not manufactured in Italy, all company operations and shipments are managed from Reggio Emilia.


National and International Expansion

Thanks to this strategic positioning, Gloring has already entered into agreements that will enable it to reach a wide audience through an extensive presence of the product in physical retail outlets. Sales through the e-commerce channel will continue as usual and will be entirely managed by the courier DHL from the Italian warehouse, capable of delivering worldwide within 2-3 days, ensuring customer satisfaction in every corner of the globe.

Innovation at the Core

The beating heart of Gloring is its app, whose development is at the forefront of the company’s investments. The roadmap of advancements is public, allowing customers to closely follow the evolution of Gloring’s product functionalities and features. However, there are many more surprises in store that will soon be unveiled, promising an even more extraordinary experience for users.

You can view the public development roadmap on this dedicated page.

Smart Rings Redefining Wearable

Industry experts and trendsetters anticipate smart rings to be the next big thing in wearables. Their versatility, sleek design, and seamless integration into daily life make them an undeniable trendsetter, replacing traditional watches and bulky wearables.

Gloring Smart Ring

Mission and Vision

Gloring SRL is committed to becoming a benchmark in the smart ring market, offering a product that blend design, functionality, and health awareness. With a global vision, the company aims to be present in every part of the world, helping people lead a more conscious and healthy life without sacrificing style.


With significant technological heritage and a global vision, Gloring SRL is ready to revolutionize the smart ring market. With a steadfast commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction, Gloring promises to become the most widespread player in the future of the technology industry. Get ready to see the world through a new lens with Gloring, the future of smart rings.

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