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Gloring-The First-Smart-Ring-in-Stores

Gloring: The First Smart Ring in Stores

Gloring: The First Smart Ring in Stores

We are thrilled to announce a groundbreaking moment for Gloring: the first smart ring to be available in stores. Starting this Saturday, April 27th, the Gloring Smart Ring will be featured in 11 Dimo-Euronics retail locations across various cities, finally allowing technology and health enthusiasts to experience hands-on with this remarkable wearable device. The introduction of Gloring into Dimo-Euronics stores marks a significant step for the smart ring industry. Until now, it was not possible to find a smart ring for physical sale in a store anywhere in Italy. This event opens up new opportunities for those looking to purchase an innovative and functional wearable device.


Territorial Presence

Gloring will be available in 11 retail locations in northern Italy. You can find it in: Reggio Emilia, Roncadelle, Biella, Savona, Crema, Aosta, Verbania, Vigevano, Turin (Centro Comm.le Area12), Vercelli, Cuneo (Centro Comm.le Auchan).

In-Store Shopping Experience at Dimo-Euronics

At the retail locations, customers will have the unique opportunity to fully immerse themselves in the Gloring universe. They will not only be able to get a close look at this extraordinary smart ring but also to touch and appreciate its lightweight and design. With three captivating colors and eight different sizes to choose from, there is a Gloring for every style and preference.

Specialized Assistance

Furthermore, the team of expert sales representatives at Dimo Euronics has undergone comprehensive training on Gloring. This means that every customer will receive personalized assistance and detailed information about the product, ensuring an informed and satisfying choice. The Dimo Euronics team will guide you through every stage, from technical specifications to design features and the various available sizes, to ensure that you choose the perfect Gloring for you.


With the arrival of Gloring in Dimo-Euronics stores, we are redefining wearable innovation in the industry. We look forward to welcoming customers to the retail locations and providing them with an unforgettable experience with Gloring. Whether you are seeking an innovative wearable device or want to explore the latest technological trends, the Dimo Euronics team will be happy to help you find the perfect Gloring for you.