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Always Innovating
Your Health Experience

Our roadmap is more than just a list of updates; it's a commitment to continuous innovation and the enrichment of your wellness experience.
Here, we unveil not only the milestones we have in store for you but also our long-term vision for a healthier and more connected life. Discover the new frontiers of health monitoring we are exploring and the exciting features we plan to implement.
With Gloring, you're always one step ahead on your journey to wellness.


The Gloring Roadmap

December 2023 - Launch of the Gloring Charging Station

Elegantly designed for convenience, this sleek, portable charger ensures your Gloring ring is always powered for continuous health tracking.

February 2024 - App Available in Multiple Languages

The app will be available in Italian.

February 2024 - Welcome Fertility and Menstrual Cycle Tracking

Menstrual Forecast: Gloring adapts to your unique cycle using body temperature data, providing reliable period predictions so you're never caught off guard.

March 2024 - Say Hello to the New Gloring App (v1)

Explore the revamped Gloring App with enhanced performance, user-friendly interface, and sleek design. Available for free on iOS & Android with no subscription ever.

September 2024 - Sync, Sync, and Sync

Expand syncing capabilities beyond Apple Health to Google Fit. A new feature for coaches and trainers provides easy access to athletes' data.

End of the year 2024 - Gloring Unleashes the Full Power of AI
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Continuous Development and Improvement

Gloring is a pioneering company that relentlessly invests in research and development to enhance our product. Beyond what's outlined in our roadmap, we're constantly innovating with more updates on the horizon. All Gloring customers, past and present, will benefit from these advancements. Every integration and improvement will be available through ongoing updates, ensuring our commitment to your evolving wellness journey.

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